Premium supplier of Gray Iron castings

Dalton provides large, highly-cored and complex iron castings for agriculture, railroad, construction, air conditioning/refrigeration, heads/blocks, power transmissions, material handling and medium/heavy-duty truck transmissions. Dalton delivers exceptionally consistent quality, easy machinability and on-time.

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Our Facilities

Dalton Foundry

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Stryker Machining

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Part families

Cylinder Blocks/Heads        High Horsepower Engine Components        Transmission Cases        Pump Housings        Power Transmission Housings    Compressor Scrolls        Compressor Bodies        Driveline Components        Flywheel Housings

Dalton Warsaw foundry capabilities

Horizontal MoLding Machines

Herman Moldmaster – 30″ x 34″ x 13″/13″
Herman Moldmaster – 42″ x 48″ x 16″/16″


G3000, G3500, G4000, G4500, G5000

Casting Sizes

Gray Iron: 20 – 900 pounds

Core capabilities

Specializes in Larger, Highly Cored Parts Isocure, Shell, Air Set

Quality Certifications

Warsaw:  ISO 9001:2015

Stryker:  ISO 9001:2015

Finishing Capabilities

Cell Concept, Robotics

Machining Capabilities

Dalton Owned Facility in Stryker, Ohio:  Milling, Turning, CNC Machining and Assembly

Outside Services

Paint, Heat Treat, Contract Machining

Prototype & Low Volume

3D Printed Cores: 15 – 1000 pounds

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