New Dalton Holdings Corporation Has Completed the Acquisition of Motor Castings Corporation

October 2017

New Dalton Holdings Corporation has completed the acquisition of Motor Castings Corporation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin effective October 12, 2017. Dalton Corporation and Motor Castings Corporation are wholly owned subsidiaries of New Dalton Holdings. Dalton operates a large gray iron foundry in Warsaw, IN and a machining facility in Stryker, OH. Motor Castings operates an iron foundry and a pattern shop in Milwaukee, WI. Read more

Dalton Purchased By Speyside Equity

May 2016

Speyside Equity, New York, announced it has purchased Dalton Foundry, Warsaw, Indiana, from Neenah Enterprises. According to a news release, the sale was completed May 2, 2016. The Warsaw casting facility and a machining plant in Stryker, Ohio were included in the deal. Read more

Dalton Foundry Uses Technology to Benefit Customer

September 2015

All 10 castings in the initial trial run showed the crack. It was at the corner of a rib, sometimes in several points. Filling and solidification modeling had indicated no issues. Dalton Foundry, Warsaw, Ind., had a case to solve for its customer, and time was running short. Read more

Dalton Corp. Celebrates 100th Year With Open House

September 2010

Dalton Corp., Warsaw, Ind., celebrated its 100th year in business on Sept. 9 by inviting the public to an open house tour of its facilities.
“This is an opportunity for us to acknowledge our folks here and the job they have done over the years,” said Scott Bleeks, vice president and general manager. “It is a great, hardworking group. They are contributing a lot of ideas to make us better, and we have incorporated those ideas, and that’s why we are still here.” Read more